Avoid the 7 mistakes when buying a corporate gift

In the business world, your customers and partners are important to your business. So when it comes to buying and giving corporate gifts, it’s important to know this important rule: give gifts to customers or business partners who help your business succeed. By giving them something special, you will not only show them your sincere appreciation for their support, but you will also give them an important advertising advantage as they will constantly remember your business every time they take a look or use your gift.

So how do you plan to anchor your brand and stay one step ahead of the competition? As part of your marketing strategy, think of a “practical but memorable” gift idea with a “touch of class” that will constantly remind your customers that they are really important to you. Before embarking on this advertising strategy , there are a few precautions to take. Make sure to avoid these 7 mistakes when buying corporate gifts.

Gifts only on specific occasions

Contrary to popular belief, the corporate gift can be offered at any time of the year, not just at the start or end of the year. Making a gift only during the important milestones of the year and important holidays has less impact than you expected and your gift filled with good intentions could be lost in the mass of different gifts that the customer could receive That day. Instead, if you offer original and modern goodies  at a random time of the year, it will certainly leave a lasting impression on the person. This implies that you have really thought of them and therefore the gift and not because it is compulsory only for special occasions.

Investing in very expensive gifts without deciding on a budget

It is important to establish a budget for your business gifts. Check the finances of your business and plan a lump sum budget to treat your customers and prospects with specially crafted corporate gifts. Also, don’t forget to spend too much by exaggerating the value of the gift. Many may feel uncomfortable knowing that you have deliberately spent a lot of money on them. In addition, some companies often have limitations on the types of gifts they can receive. So, do your research well before diving.

Do not do extensive research before buying a gift

Take the time to free yourself from your busy schedule and make a little effort to find out the interest of your partner or client before trying to buy a gift. If they highlight the display of awards and trophies on a wall in the lobby or in a meeting room, you can design a specially personalized gift such as choosing to have a custom book printed., with their name and company logo. Or maybe if they like to accessorize, you could invest in flashy cufflinks. Apart from that, keep in mind what you give to whom and on which religious holiday. Your customers or partners may not celebrate certain holidays for religious reasons. So if you are making a gift for this reason, make sure it is appropriate.

Do not personalize gifts

We are sure that your customers and partners must already receive dozens of gifts that are super generic. So, in order to stand out in the crowd, it’s good to try to personalize your gifts by engraving the name, initials or company logo on your gift. It can be engraved on the item itself or embossed on the box or presentation pouch that is offered.

Poor quality purchase

Avoid at all costs buying bad quality gifts! It goes without saying that this creates a false impression about you and even seriously reflects the credibility of the company. It is important that you first make a list of all the customers you want to give a corporate gift to, think about it carefully and then invest in something that looks classier, something that your customers might like to display with pride. Without going too far, there are a plethora of sparkling, unique, charming and, above all, gifts made with exceptional attention to detail and exquisite quality, two characteristics that are synonymous with refined taste.

Do not add a personalized letter

Whatever your gift, adding a personalized letter always leaves a lasting impression. And if it’s handwritten, it’s the icing on the cake. Make your letter an element of your gift and include praise and thanks and congratulations for the recipient. Your words, no doubt, will warm the heart and rejoice the soul.

Wait until the last minute

It is a good idea to plan your corporate gifts and wish list well in advance so that you can get the items you want. Also make sure treats like chocolates and other nougats reach your recipients on time or even well in advance.


Offering a business gift to a customer or a prospect is a huge opportunity and, therefore, it must be done correctly and dare to say it with finesse. Choose a personalized gift and you can be sure to have a long-term positive effect on your business.

Remember, there are many opportunities waiting for you and to make the most of them, be sure to avoid these 7 mistakes when buying corporate gifts. Just keep the above tips in mind and you will make your corporate gift experience an unforgettable experience!