Event Planner Marketing Strategies

Sales leads and references are the lifeblood of any event-related business. And while this is true for almost all industries, the reality is that it is not easy to commercialize any event service. New event projects are being launched every day behind the closed doors of board meetings, e-mails and telephone conversations. The problem is that as a service provider, you rarely have access to these events. This means that you always respond to inquiries instead of participating in the discussion.
In a perfect world, your event planning services should be mentioned in the early stages of a customer’s event dialogue. To achieve this, you must be an effective marketer . Follow the strategies below to position your service in the minds of potential customers as they discuss the organization of an event.

Build your assets online

The Internet provides the largest network to generate sales leads, so it’s no surprise that you need an attractive website and active profiles on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn . Each of these online assets has the ability to attract unique prospects, but none of them is a passive outlet … To enjoy the benefits of each, you must participate in discussions, share your expertise and join groups where you can take advantage of the assets of others. Commitment is the key, and it is here that those who try to “do it alone” often fail.

Make public offerings

Even the most qualified planner will struggle to find new customers without live exposure. You might think it’s hard to get a spot on a TV or radio show , but it’s often as easy as submitting a great article idea to producers. It’s not an easy job to fill a content show every day, and if you can approach the right person with a single angle, you’ll have no problem getting your foot in the door.

Help those who need it

Giving your time to a worthwhile cause can open up new opportunities to win new customers. A lot of non-profit events would appreciate having the expertise of an event planner available. Even if you can not commit to organizing their event, there are many other ways to participate. Maybe you could arrange flower arrangements or marketing materials? Small tasks of this kind can still expose you and allow you to establish a network with other people. Advisors and non-profit committees are usually made up of local dignitaries and business leaders who have all the contacts necessary to attract large numbers of potential customers to your business.

Refresh existing customers

Sometimes we focus so much on acquiring new customers that we forget about existing assets that are inactive in our contact lists. Review your contacts via email, LinkedIn and Facebook and ask yourself the question: does every person on this list know what I am doing in life? Of course, you want to join those who are not aware of the evolution of your career, but you should also join all those who have not spoken for more than a year. Let them know what projects you have worked on and give them the information they need to guide you.

Business Outlook

It is a technique that is very powerful and unfortunately underutilized by most people. The concept is to network with related businesses to find ways to share your customers and prospects. Can you post a message on their blog or share a discount on their Facebook page? How about exchanging spots in each other’s newsletters ? At the very least, it makes sense to display the business card related businesses in your store and on the booths of your trade show. As long as you are not competing with your partners, the relationship should benefit everyone.
Marketing your event planning service requires commitment and creativity. It is unlikely that a single idea will be enough to produce leads throughout the year. You must compile a marketing plan that includes a variety of exhibition outlets; from online properties to good old-fashioned networks.