Mistakes to Avoid While Buying an Air Purifier

Air purifier is a rather new concept in India and thus, while many of us are buying it for a safer interior, not all of us know how to buy the perfect air purifier for home. Here are five common mistakes we make while buying air purifiers and how to avoid those.

Buying the wrong features air purifier: Once you are done with the size, check what features you need. What are the special features you need for your purifier? While the basic model is same for almost all the models, special features like caster wheel, easy mobility, remote controls, digital control, multiple fan speed, programmable timers, filter change indicators and air quality sensors are some of the features you can expect on a decent air purifier, especially when bought from reputed brands like Samsung.

Placing the air purifier at the wrong place: Placing the air purifier in the bedroom is the best solution because that is where we spend the most of our indoor time. You need to remember; air purifiers effect the air quality of the room only and not the whole house. For that purpose, you have the mobile air purifiers which can be tugged from room to room, as needed. If you are ready to shell out little more, a centralised air purifier machine is also available. They will attach themselves to the existing AC system to ventilate your house clean.

Buying too small or too large an air purifier: The right size of your air purifier depends on the side of the room where it will be installed. You can find air purifiers with different covered area specification and you should buy one which is closest to your area.

You should also consider the ACH (Air Change per Hour) rate of the purifier. This described how fast the air can be purified. For allergy or asthma patients, this is an important consideration. There are purifiers which can clean the room air 4 times per hour and these are ideal for those patients.

Buying the air purifier when you don’t need it: We don’t always need air purifiers. If you are living a green area where the air is good, your house is well ventilated and neither you nor any family member has any breathing problem, you might not need an air purifier. Having stated that, you might need a purifier for a healthier home if you are living in a city or industrial town.

You might need a purifier if you have allergy or you or a family member suffers from asthma or other breathing problems or if someone in the family is sensitive to the chemicals or have a weak immune system.

Not taking maintenance cost into account: Every air purifier has a filter and this needs to be replaced periodically to keep the machine’s efficiency at peak. Depending on how many filters are installed in your machine, you need to change them at different intervals. The pre-filter lasts 3 months, the activated carbon filter runs for 6 months while the HEPA filter will serve you for a year. When buying the air purifier, you need to ask the seller for the number of filters and how frequently to replace them.

There are air purifiers which has one ‘kit’ of filters which can be replaced at one go while some other purifiers are filter-less and use ultraviolet to clean the air from pollutants and germs.

Think we missed something? Let us know what else you look for while buying air purifiers and we would love to incorporate that in this blog.