Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence to your Business

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is nothing but the intelligence shown by machines to maximize the efficiency and minimize the error. We, humans, show intelligence which is called natural humans and when a machine does that, it’s called artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence gives the ability to machine so it can think, behave and work like a human. A machine increases its intelligence by storing more and more data to its memory and once it starts using that data to teach itself to improve its intelligence then it comes under machine learning. Machine learning is also a very important part of artificial intelligence where the machine starts learning without any human supervision. If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence then you can learn from Intellipaat by taking an artificial intelligence course.

So, let’s see how Artificial Intelligence impacting our life’s

Current AI scenario

We are using AI more than even we realize. Now if you take a look around yourself, you will find a lot of big companies like Google, Amazon is using artificial intelligence to its product which is broadly used by us all over the world and getting benefits of artificial intelligence. Let’s take an example of Alexa which is introduced by Amazon. It has been programmed to work on human voice instruction. You can ask it to play songs, control your house light and a lot of more, how cool is it.

It was just an example, now AI is broadly using in almost every industry like Manufacturing, Transportation, Healthcare, Finance, Agriculture, Gaming, Space industry, Bioscience.  

Pros of using Artificial Intelligence in your business.

  • Low error rate – Because of the accuracy, precision and efficiency, it shows a very low error rate compare to humans. It just needs a proper set of programs and codes into its database.
  • Work in Hazards places – Machine can execute the given work in such dangerous and hazards places where humans can’t work. For example, in nuclear power plants, which is too dangerous because of radioactive exposure. They can be used in the oil industry where they dig fuel from the ocean. Also, we can use them in the mines. We can use them in all of the places where the working of humans is limited.
  • Repetition task – If your business has some repetitive work and task then a machine with artificial intelligence can work more efficiently which will save time and reduce the cost. They don’t get tired or take rest.
  • As an Assistant – Many AI chatbots can help you to assist with your client and give an automatic response, which will save human effort and sometimes it can give them an answer without the human interaction at all.
  • Ease of use – Uses of these technologies for end-user are super easy. Anyone who is having basic knowledge of technology can use and operate. Or in some cases, we can give little training to the employees for using it properly.
  • Work 24*7 – It can work for your business all the time, without getting tired of taking a break. If you will replace your human workforce with the machine having intelligence then it will impact a lot in terms of money and productivity.
  • Better handling of data – It can handle tons of data very easily compared to humans, and gives us the required information whenever we need it. It just needs the proper storage for storing the data and you can use cloud computing for that
  • Emotionless – Since machines have no feels and emotions, so there will never be any emotion barrier to your work. You just have to give them a proper set of instruction and they will execute the task without any question.

Here was some of the major advantage and pros of using Artificial intelligence in your business. Now let’s see which are major cons of artificial intelligence in your business.


Cons of using artificial intelligence into your business

  • Initial setup cost – Because of the advanced technology and equipment, it costs a lot if you implement artificial intelligence into your business.
  • Employment issue – We are already seeing many industries starts adopting Artificial intelligence technology which is reducing jobs for human day by day. So, it will be always a debatable question.
  • Repair cost – The cost of repair is too high if the machine gets down and needed the repair.
  • Dependency – Due to the ease of using these technologies, we can easily get depend on the machine for our work, this situation is called technology addiction.
  • Lack of teamwork – Machine can’t work in a team and make a bond as we humans do. They can work individually for the given set of instructions.
  • Software updating – If we need to update the system with new technology, then the cost associated with it is too high and the process is slow.
  • Data Loss- Whenever any machine will go down or need any repair, then, in that case, there is highly possibility of losing the important data.
  • Creativity – We can give instruction and program for a fixed set of tasks to the machine, but we can’t expect them when it comes to showing creativity.
  • Experience – Machines do not make any use of its experience Unless we use machine learning along with artificial intelligence which will give it the ability to improve itself from past experience.
  • Privacy and safety – If you adopt this technology into your business then you have to rely on the machine for your all data, and if someone can able to hack the system then you will lose all of your data. So, you need to be concern about privacy and safety before adopting AI.
  • Misuse – If this technology goes into the wrong hand then it can cause a lot of harm to your business. One can easily destroy your business with all of the data that will have.



It is very clear that artificial intelligence has many pros but it has some cons as well. The question is still debatable that we should completely rely on artificial intelligence for our work or not. Many people have the opinion that what if they can become smarter then us and eventually turn against the human race. So, if we need to use AI for our benefit, there should be a balance between machine and the human who operate them an