Succeed in Affiliate Marketing in 2020

Affiliate marketing is one of the main tools of internet marketing, that is, promoting certain goods or services from other companies and getting a percentage of sales.
Affiliate marketing provides businesses with new ways to market their products and increase sales . Companies are willing to pay for those who help promote their products. This type of cooperation is beneficial for the company, whose products are promoted, and for those who contribute to this promotion.
In general, this type of cooperation is beneficial for both parties: with the growth of the Internet, it becomes more and more relevant, because producing a product is only half the battle, the main thing is to be able to sell !

Affiliate Marketing: How to Start and How to Succeed

Unlike many other types of businesses outside of the Internet, to start using affiliate marketing, you don’t need to have some significant start-up capital. One of the reasons why many people fail to succeed in this type of business is that they don’t want to follow any proven method and try to do it all at once. If you want to achieve high results in affiliate marketing, you need to find and choose the process that is tested and practiced by someone. In this article, we have prepared some tips and recommendations that will help you.

Success requires patience

At first, you must understand that this kind of business will not bring you millions in one night. Yes, and for that, you must have the basic knowledge that we will convey to you in this article. If you are ready for it, then dare, but it is essential to understand that it takes time to master this knowledge in practice. It took us more than a year from the beginning of the site before the first revenue from affiliate sales occurred.

Your audience is more important than the percentage of sales.

Everyone wants to get a high income immediately, but you should not forget that the customers you attract to buy affiliate products can potentially become your customers. Your visitors are the source of vitality for your business, so do not pay attention only to a high percentage of sales. However, this idea is more understandable for those who will provide services or sell their products without being limited to affiliates.

You need a website

Even if you create a quality group on Facebook or Instagram with a well organized structure, you will not have total control over your company, your content can be deleted at any time for various reasons, so you need to create your own own website, which you will manage yourself, and create your client base on this site.

Selection of a market segment

Choosing a field of activity in which you want to work is not an easy task, chances are you choose a field that can not bring you a penny, and as a result, you’re wasting time and effort, you do not want that.

  • Are people looking for content related to this domain?
  • Can I somehow solve the problems of my potential customers?
  • How many other serious companies can be found in Google for your research? Can you compete with them and make money?
  • Do I understand how this area can become the best?

This last point is very important: it is hardly worth starting your own business without the desire to succeed, that is, to become the best. Success is achieved by those who set a goal, leadership, and continually reflect on how to do it.

Study well and love your business.

We are convinced that you must not only know what you are saying, but also love it with all your soul … Again, most successful people become so precisely because they live their own business … If you do not do not wake up everyday, thinking about the exciting work you have and dislike what you are doing, you are unlikely to achieve serious results. If you recognize yourself in this field, we advise you to seriously rethink and, perhaps, to change the subject to a topic more interesting for you, because even if you succeed in this area, you will get tired sooner or later. That’s why, when choosing a topic for a site, you should consider both its in-depth research and your passion for it.

Affiliate Marketing: What To Sell?

If you have already decided on the scope of the activities in which you want to do, it is time to decide what to promote and sell … This is a fundamental question because everything does not have an immediate meaning in the sale .
Here are some questions you need to answer and tips that you must listen to to understand what types of products and partner services you should promote.
The best way to sell a product is to use it yourself, are you ready to buy it yourself before you start selling it?

  • Does the advertised product match your content?
  • When advertising other people’s products and businesses, keep your reputation in mind: ask yourself if this product is high quality and can meet customer needs.
  • Does the seller / manufacturer of the product you are promoting provide after-sales services?
  • Is the seller’s page trying to attract and encourage visitors to buy goods?
  • Where to find an affiliate?


This is perhaps the most tedious, but the essential part of the whole process. The two individual companies offer affiliate programs and special networks to find such programs. We will start with the last one.
Affiliate networks are sites that control each seller’s affiliate programs and on these sites you can find hundreds of sellers who want to find partners to participate in their programs. Most of them work on the principle of “pay per sale” or “pay per lead”.
If you see that someone’s product is sold on a website, try contacting the seller directly. It is more profitable and more convenient to work this way, but you should only trust reliable and authorized sellers.
You can also explore the sites of your competitors and find affiliate programs for the products they sell. AdSense
bannersoperate on the proven principle of contextual advertising: they know what ads and content are more successful, why not use their example: display an AdSense unit on your blog and see what type of ads appear on your pages. Once you have determined which pages generate more revenue, you can delete this block on those pages.

1. Where to place affiliate links and banners?

The banner will only give real results if it is placed inside the container. This is exactly what Google AdSense recommends. Google prefers to place such ads that are really related to the content so that they blend in with the text and are an integral part of your site. If a visitor spends time reading it and is very interested in the information provided, it would be logical to tell them about the product that will interest them, which certainly increases their chances of buying it.

2. Use only quality content.

Each article you write carefully gives you the opportunity to make a profit, so take it seriously: the text should not only be unique, it must attract the customer with valuable information and make him want to buy goods.

3. Achieve targeted traffic

To find out if your content and affiliate links bring results, you need to attract a certain circle of visitors to your site.
Here are some quick tips for attracting the target audience to your site:

  • Write guest articles on third party sites where you can find potential customers;
  • Share your content on social networks;
  • Create a free PDF file (for example, a short report) that leads to your content;
  • Work with subscribers by email , informing them of new articles on the site.

4. Use a reliable and fast web host

If you want to use affiliate marketing on your website successfully, you should not use free hosting or blogger type platforms. When choosing the web host, you must evaluate it with regard to businesses. Will your site receive quality services without interruption? Cheap accommodation can guarantee this. We have already talked about the disadvantages of free hosting in addition. Therefore, we recommend that you do not waste time on such a decision and choose a really worthy hosting company.
Remember, you do not have to change your business model until you feel sufficiently experienced in using a particular work method. If you follow this opinion, you will succeed. If your visitors are not very concerned about the number of affiliate links being placed on your site then your main task is that you should help them find a product, providing a convenient opportunity to buy it by setting the required number of links. affiliation to the right places. This will allow you to succeed affiliate marketing.