Taking your Loved One on a Memorable Honeymoon

Kerala in India is a land of diverse culture, exciting locations, and beautiful scenery. The people are welcoming, the food is wonderful, and for honeymooners, there are a variety of romantic ways to spend your time in the area. From lounging on the sun-warmed beaches to adventuring into the lush jungles the northern areas have to offer, you are sure to find the perfect romantic get-away for your Honeymoon.

The Romance and Charm of Kerala

When couples visit India for their honeymoon, Kerala is the state they consider first. It’s an assortment of unique places, each with its own local charm, provides something for every couple. When speaking with tour companies and searching for the best Kerala honeymoon package, you should decide exactly what you and your loved one want to do. Relax and watch the waves roll in on a beach? Spend time being pampered in a day spa before returning to your resort for a luxurious meal? Or maybe you would prefer to really experience the country and explore off the beaten path into the lush and beautiful scenic lands? Whatever you desire, Kerala offers a mix of romance and charm for every couple.

Houseboat Tours along Quiet Waterways

For many, a houseboat tour along the brackish lagoons and backwaters is the best option to consider. It’s private, romantic and unique. The houseboats in the region are also called Kettuvallams and they will provide your housing, transportation, and relaxation for any tour packages that include them. The boats themselves are a work of art and should definitely be appreciated by visitors. The hand-carved accents, traditional materials, and thatched rooftops pay homage to the days when the boats were used to transport tea, rice, and spices between Cochin and Kuttanad. Aboard your houseboat, you will drift slowly past the vast green tea plantations, see wild animals along the shores, and relax away the days to the rocking motion caused by the gentle movement of the water.

Escaping to the Mist Filled Jungles

If exploration and adventure are more appealing to you and your loved one, you can escape to the jungles in the region. The northern area of Kerala offers a densely forested area, thick green vegetation and an abundance of wildlife including tigers, elephants, and bears. It’s a nature photographer’s heaven on earth and should not be missed by couples who want something a little different from the romantic relaxation of a sun-chair on the beach.

When you and your loved one are searching for the best Kerala honeymoon packages, be sure to view the various offerings from different websites.

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