What is point-of-sale advertising?

Definition of a POS

Point of sale displays, often referred to as POS and POS displays, are placed in retail stores to engage consumers and promote the sale of a product. These displays are usually created and prepared by the product manufacturer for distribution to wholesalers or retailers who sell the merchandise. These displays are usually located in stores near the advertised product, where the purchase decision is made, or where the payment is made, such as a cash register.

What are the different types of point-of-sale advertising?

The types of point of sale (POS) displays are as varied as the types of businesses that use them. In general, point-of-sale advertising includes banners, shelf stops , signs, signs, hangers, counter displays and standing displays. This category of displayed advertising also includes in-store television screens , electronic signs, broadcasting and automated coupon distributors. Thanks to geolocation, you can also receive advertising from the store directly on your smartphone .

The plv to increase sales

In the current competitive market, companies are looking for all possible ways to help their products stand out in crowded retail stores. One of the most effective ways to advertise a product to consumers is a creative display. This is particularly true in department stores where different brands compete on the shelves: well-placed point-of-sale advertising can provide a favorable competitive advantage.

Promotion and POS

Point-of-sale advertising is often structured around impulse buying and uses displays that use specific marketing triggers designed to take advantage of the sometimes impulsive nature of the purchase. Consequently, manufacturers often offer a certain type of purchase incentive, such as a reduction in the cost of the goods, grouping, etc.

Point-of-sale advertising for all

In addition, businesses and not-for-profit organizations use billboards, leaflets and brochures to market services, destinations and fundraising efforts in busy environments.

The best thing about point-of-sale displays is that they can be used for almost any type of product or service. From large retailers to specialty stores, almost any business can take advantage of point-of-sale displays.

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