When Do You Need An Emergency Dentist?

A dental emergency is a situation that involves gingival or teeth. Pain in the dental areas, even if minor, can signify a severe problem that may get worse over time. An emergency dentist must be contacted in such a condition to guarantee minimal damage to teeth and gum.

Teeth and bones are similar in analogy. They have a fundamental living tissue. Major teeth damages involve exposed pulps. Such urgent situations need immediate attention. However, there a few basic protocols that you need to go after if you are seeking emergency dental attention.

  • Clean the affected area and rinse it with warm water.
  • If the area is bleeding beyond control, you must pack it tightly with gauze.
  • If a tooth has come out, keep it in a tooth preservative. Cold milk is an urgent option in this regard.
  • If the pain is intolerable, consider taking pain-killer tablets that are acetaminophen-based or Ibuprofen-based. Try to avoid aspirin.
  • Maintain pressure on the injured area.

Some of the common dental emergency situations are described below:

Pain and swelling

Excruciating pain is the most common dental emergency case. Sometimes, pain is accompanied by slight or severe inflammation and fever. Such conditions are signs of an infection. Pain while masticating and jaw pain also falls under this category. Infection may also lead to pus discharge. While you reach to the nearest dental expert, you must clean the affected area with water and appropriate flossing. Consider using a cold compress outside your mouth.

Broken tooth

This is another emergency situation that requires immediate help. Knocked out or chipped tooth can be very painful. As per proficient dentists, a broken tooth treated by a dental expert within an hour has a chance of being saved.

Other emergencies

Lost crowns, partially displaced tooth, lost fillings, broken jaw conked out braces and soft tissue damages of teeth, gums cheeks and lips are some of the other dental situations that require urgent dental aid. A cold compress can be an effective temporary help. Sooner you reach a dentist, the better are chances of smallest dental damage.

An emergency dentist is a person who knows how to deal with such dental urgencies. He is well versed in the field of dentistry and the medications that can ease dental pain and swelling. However, you must find a proper emergency dentist. South Tampa has a number of good dental care centers that offer professional dental services.

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