Why affiliate marketing is profitable

Many bloggers are not interested in affiliate marketing. Either they think it is too difficult, it is a waste of time, they will lose readers and audience, or their readers simply will not be interested.

In fact, most bloggers earn $ 500 or less per month through affiliate marketing . These include bloggers who receive 1,000,000 or more page views each month. These bloggers all have the same problem. They do not realize how much money they leave on the table and they have no idea how to approach affiliate marketing the right way.

This is something that often scares bloggers and social media influencers away from affiliate marketing. They are afraid of what their readers will say or think and they are afraid to pretend to be greedy salesmen. It is simply not true. Few people complain about the affiliate products that are promoted on blogs.

When done the right way, affiliate marketing can be a good source of income. Plus, you can do it without taking your readers away! If done the right way, your readers will enjoy seeing the products that interest you and they will have no problem making purchases through your affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing is interesting for many reasons, as you will read below.

Affiliate marketing is a somewhat passive source of income.

Affiliate marketing is profitable because you can write an article, a product comparison and this article and this comparative product can save you money years later with a minimum of work necessary to maintain it.

But it is not entirely passive.

You will need to build follow-up, publish content consistently, build trust, and more. You can get income from an affiliate link or blog post for a long period of time, with little work required to maintain it.

There is less work than creating your own product with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy, but there are things you don’t have to worry about when you compare affiliate marketing versus creating your own product.

You don’t need to ship anything, create the product, manage cancellations, manage customer service and more. Yes, you will need to build your audience and gain the trust of your readers, but it can be a great way to increase your income, especially if you already have loyal followers.

Affiliate marketing is inexpensive.

The low cost of affiliate marketing is another reason why it is a great way to increase your income. You do not need to create products or spend time building a product.

You don’t even need a website because you can start promoting affiliate products on social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you decide to have a website, this can also be relatively affordable, because launching a website is not very expensive today.

You can get paid to promote products that you believe in.

There are bound to be many products that you like and appreciate. So why not get paid to tell others about it? Plus, if you really like a product, it will be easy to promote. You will already know everything about the product and you will have no problem being enthusiastic about it. If the product helped you, it will probably help other people too and people will appreciate your honest advice.

There are many options for the products to promote. There are so many products, services and businesses to promote. There is something for every taste ! Here are some examples of products you could promote to your audience:

  •     Financial corporations
  •     Mobile phone applications
  •     Digital products, such as online courses, e-books, etc.
  •     One of the millions of items on Amazon
  •     Travel booking websites
  •     Blog related products such as website design, website hosting, etc.
  •     Clothing
  •     Interior decoration
  •     Handicrafts
  •     Outdoor equipment such as bicycles, tents, backpacks, etc.

However, do not think that with affiliate marketing, you will get rich quickly because this is not the case. You will need to build a loyal following that trusts what you have to say, and it is not always easy. However, if you are able to build an audience that is interested in your editorial line then you may be able to make money by promoting products that you like and believe in.

You can work from anywhere through affiliate marketing.

One of the best benefits of affiliate marketing is that you can do it from anywhere. As long as you have a loyal audience (even if it’s only a few people), a laptop. Thanks to your blog and affiliate marketing, you will be able to travel full time. All you need is a good internet connection and good articles and products. It’s really something great!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an easy concept to learn, but it can be very addictive to learn if you are new. Affiliate marketing is a method to try to make money by placing an affiliate link on your website, social media account, etc. and that people buy a product through your link.

An affiliate is a person or business that promotes a product or service offered by other businesses. You become an affiliate when you promote an affiliate product.

One example is Amazon book sales, where you link to a specific book on your website and try to get people to buy the book through your affiliate link. Amazon and other companies want quality affiliates to promote the products and services they sell.

If you get someone to sign up through your affiliate link, then you are rewarded by the company for promoting their product.

This is called a conversion. A conversion is when a person performs a specific action defined by the affiliate program. It can be someone who enters their email address on a company’s website, makes a purchase, completes a form, or any other action through your affiliate link.

You can share an affiliate link with your audience in different ways, such as:

  •     By adding an affiliate link to your blog (you can do this by inserting a link in a blog post, page, email, etc.
  •     Promotion on social media
  •     Share information in a podcast or webinar.
  •     And many other methods!

Why would a company be interested in affiliate marketing?

Companies are becoming more interested in affiliate marketing because it can be a great way to promote their products. And they only have to pay a commission if there is a conversion.

Many companies like this option, because they often spend a lot of money on advertising but do not get quality leads. With affiliate marketing, the company pays only if a sale is made or if it receives a lead, a contact.

Affiliate marketing is great for online influencers.

For online influencers, affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money by simply reviewing or mentioning a product you already enjoy and love. In return, your contribution influences others to buy the product. Affiliate income can be important because you can create an article that continues to make you money for years to come.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are just a few easy steps to get you started:

  •     Find an affiliate product or service to promote a product or service relevant to your brand.
  •     Sign up and get approved for the product affiliate program.
  •     Insert your affiliate link on your website or social media accounts.
  •     Refer people to your affiliate link and make conversions.
  •     Receive commissions for conversions you make.

How Affiliate Links Work

The way affiliate links work is that when someone clicks on the referral link you received from an affiliate program (it will be a specific URL just for you or a code that tracks the traffic you send to the company), you receive commissions when they complete a certain action. Then you receive your commission payment either by check, PayPal, or any other method you and the affiliate program agree to.

Your referrals are tracked through a referral link given to you by an affiliate program. This reference link contains a code in the URL that follows the origin of the reference. When someone clicks on your affiliate link, a “cookie” is stored on the computer, tablet or mobile of the user to track purchases via your affiliate link.

In a cookie, information such as your affiliate ID, client IP address, the date he clicked on your affiliate link, etc. are all stored. This then allows affiliate programs to track the origin of clicks and conversions.

An affiliate or conversion click can also be tracked through a special coupon code which can be given to you by the affiliate program. For example, “FOUINETEAU25% REM” can be an affiliate coupon code allowing you to receive a commission. In this way, the affiliate program can know and trace where the user comes from.

What is considered a conversion?

The action that determines whether a conversion has occurred, as mentioned above, depends on the specific affiliate program, but usually it’s either when someone buys something through your link, when he signs up for a account, or give his e-mail address to the company.

Yes, this means that a purchase does not always have to take place! Let me repeat the above, sometimes there are times when someone just needs to create an account or join a mailing list in order for you to earn a commission. It all depends on the specific affiliate program, but about half of the affiliate products that are promoted just require that the person create an account.

How to be paid with affiliate marketing?

There are three main ways to get paid via affiliate marketing. These include:

Percentage of the sale amount

According to this method, if someone buys something through your link, you will receive a percentage of the sale amount. So if the product is 100 € and you receive 25% for each sale, you will receive 25 €. The percentages can vary considerably, from 1% to 50% and more.

Fixed base

When you get paid on a fixed basis, you will earn income every time someone buys something through your link. However, you will be paid the same amount regardless of the amount spent.

By contact called lead

For this, you will be paid a certain amount for each prospect that you send to the company. A lead can be thought of as someone who gives the company their email address, signs up to create an account, etc. If you are able to direct a large amount of traffic to the business, paying by lead or prospect can be a great way to make money through affiliate marketing. However, the pay with lead payment is not as high as the other two methods.

How long is an affiliate code tracked?

Different affiliate programs have different deadlines depending on when the client has completed the action. For some affiliate programs, you can receive commissions for years after the user clicks on your affiliate link (this is commonly called lifetime cookies), for others you can receive a commission for each product that the person is buying. For other programs, you are only paid for up to 30 days after clicking on your affiliate link, and so on.

The deadline varies depending on the affiliate program.

Longer lead times are better, because it often happens that a person does not buy a product or become a lead right away. They can think about the purchase or they can close the Internet window, but you still want to receive a commission if they register later. This gives the customer more time to think about the purchase, which gives you a better chance of winning a conversion.

How To Find Affiliate Programs

If you like a product, there is probably an affiliate program. Some companies even have their own affiliate systems just for their specific products. And, there are also affiliate programs with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of products listed in their network (they are called “affiliate networks”).

There are many ways to find affiliate programs. These include

  • Search online
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Directly through the company
  • Ask businesses and friends

Search online

If there is a specific product that you would like to promote, we recommend that you do a quick Google search to see if the company has an affiliate program. You can do this simply by typing “Company or product name + affiliate program”.

This search will allow you to see exactly where their affiliate program is, so you can apply and be accepted as quickly as possible.

For example: To see if Amazon has an affiliate program, type “Amazon affiliate program”. As you can see in the image below, this is the very first thing that appears.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are companies that list a large number of companies and products. It is a way for you to apply for an affiliate network while being introduced to hundreds or even thousands of different affiliate products.

To be a member of an affiliate network, you usually only have to fill out an online application. The app asks questions about your website, your social media accounts and your intentions that motivate you to join the affiliate network.

Affiliate networks are interesting because:

You only have to make one application for the program, while receiving access to many different affiliate products.

It’s easier to track your payments from an affiliate network if you use more than one of their affiliate products.

Affiliate networks ensure that individual businesses within their program follow certain rules (such as ensuring that companies are able to pay you commissions).

Direct Affiliate Programs

Many companies publish their affiliate programs directly on their website.

Some companies are not part of an affiliate network and operate their own affiliate programs. We are seeing an increase in the number of companies doing this and more and more companies are running their own affiliate program.

If there is a specific business that interests you, go to the business website and search for the word “affiliate” or “referral” at the bottom of their home page.

Ask the company or friends who are affiliated.

There is a probability that a company’s affiliate program is a bit difficult to find. If so, she may not have an affiliate program or may not realize how difficult it is to find their program.

If you cannot find their affiliate program, we recommend contacting them directly and asking them, “Do you have an affiliate program?” Or, if you know someone who is already an affiliate of the company, you can see if he will introduce you to their affiliate manager.

How to choose the right affiliate program to promote.

As you just read, there are many ways to find affiliate products. It is also possible that a product is in several affiliate programs. If you find a product in several programs, you should evaluate the benefits of each program to determine which one is best for you.

You will assess:

The commission rate:

This can vary from one affiliate program to another! Keep in mind that the commission rate is not the most important thing. Often a product with a low commission rate can save you more money than a product with a higher commission rate. You should always promote the products and services you believe in first, then think about the commission.

Conversion specifications:

Sometimes a conversion may be based on the percentage of the sale amount, on a fixed basis, or per prospect, which is discussed in more detail above in the section on the operation of affiliate links. These specifics may vary from one affiliate program to another, so you will want to compare to see which one is best for the type of product you want to promote.

The duration of cookies:

When promoting a product, the duration of cookies is important. Not all customers will buy an item right after clicking on it, and some may even wait months. The longer the length of cookies, the better.

Management of the affiliate program:

Some affiliate program managers are nice while others are not. An excellent partnership with your affiliate manager can lead to better commission rates, faster sales notice, search help, coupon codes for your audience, and more.


Some affiliate programs are simpler to use and easier for your readers than others. Usability includes things such as landing pages just designated for your. Would you buy personally or sign up for a specific affiliate offer if you were a member of your audience? If the answer is no, then move on!

In conclusion, there are many ways to find affiliate programs for the products you want to promote. After finding an affiliate program that interests you, you will want to apply or see what needs to be done for you to be accepted. Once you are accepted, you can then find your affiliate link in the specific program.