Why Should You Incorporate Video Into Your Hiring Process?

For the jobseekers, there has seemingly never been a greater number of different ways to find vacancies. Whether through word-of-mouth, job search engines, career pages, professional networks or social media, candidates can find positions online more conveniently and effectively than ever before.

The benefits for recruiters are endless. Using such technologies has allowed recruiters to reduce their overheads and find candidates that are more closely matched to the job description, sometimes without the need for any face-to-face meetings. However, these processes are not perfect.


Sites like LinkedIn are great for finding candidates with the exact skills that you desire for your vacant positions. However, for employers that really do believe that an image is worth a thousand words – and that moving images are worth even more – video recruiting is becoming increasingly attractive.

Text alone isn’t always enough

Some employers lament that CVs and covering letters are often insufficient for determining whether or not a given candidate is truly suitable for a role. After all, only so much of a candidate’s personality or communication skills can be demonstrated purely through writing.

In many ways, it’s only when applicants take part in a telephone or face-to-face interview that you can truly feel that you are getting to know your prospective employees on a personal level. However, if you wish to meet with a number of candidates, you will also soon realize that interviews can take a lot of time.

Video interviews can make a vital difference

By allowing candidates to record video CVs or introductions, recruiters can better understand the personality and communication skills of a candidate without the need for an in-person interview.

Not only does this save time scheduling and interviewing as far as the employer is concerned, but candidates also have the chance to demonstrate exactly why they possess the skills and experience that the employer requires, planning their video without the nerves or hesitancy that may affect them in a face-to-face interview situation. Candidates can respond to your questions using video, demonstrating their skills, abilities, and understanding of the job role, and pitch themselves to your organization. Although a traditional cover letter can also serve as a pitch, video applications allow candidates to truly flaunt their personality, while giving recruiters a greater understanding of the candidate behind the CV. In the process, employers can also better judge whether the given candidate shares the values and culture of the company.

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